Among the many dogs owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan was a Siberian Husky names Taca. Little is publicly known about this pup, as he never lived at the White House. Instead, he spent his life on the Reagans’ ranch outside of Santa Barbara, California. (The ranch, the First Family felt, was a better place for most of their dogs to play.) Like all of the Reagan dogs, Taca is buried on the ranch, with a marker over his grave.
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President Herbert Hoover received Yukon, a white Husky with blue eyes, as a gift from an Alaskan admirer. The dog had trouble adjusting to the warm, Southern climate of Washington, and was sent to Canada during the summer months. Eventually, the Hoovers decided that the best thing for the dog would be a Northern home, and he was given to a friend.

Yukon did have one notable interaction with the public—accidentally ripping the dress of a young girl who was visiting the White House. First Lady Pat Hoover wrote to the child, compensating her for the dress. Visiting the White House is a memorable experience for everyone, but few go home with a story like that!
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