Famous Huskies Website is a part of the WooFDriver Family!  Bill “WooFDriver” Helman has been a proud  longtime Husky parent to many Huskies over many years and has strived to learn as much about them as he can to give them the BEST possible life. He has assembled all of what you see here.  He quite frankly can’t get enough of his Husky family.

It all came about as he strove to fulfill their Dog Dreams.  His most prized moments are watching them enjoying themselves. In his endless quest to keep his PACK Family loving life, he has ventured into some remarkable territory.

He has pioneered many iterations of the dog cart, what he calls The DogPowered Go-Cart.   He tours with them on trails and historic areas all over the east coast USA.  In addition, he brings his dogs Free-Ranging (OFF-LEASH ROAMING) on farms with which he has made special arrangements.   Just to keep up with them, he’s got to use an electric ATV!

Those of you that are familiar with Huskies know they are very animated!  They can be quite a bunch of characters, especially when they are in their element!  And when they are rolling in all these activities, they are IN theri element!  The faces they make and the behaviors they exhibit are like nothing like what other dog owners have seen, only other Husky owners/families.

In an effort to capture these most heartwarming times, Bill has gone to great lengths to capture these moments in photographs and video . He use the in the most most advanced technologies in creative ways!,  He uses drones– or as he calls them AirWOOF1. He has professional video/photography crews accompany him on different adventures.  He has pioneered methods for dogs to wear cameras in an almost shake-proof way. That’s a totally totally different perspective!

If as this wasn’t enough he has gone even further! He wanted he wanted to write and talk about all of his Dogs Adventures.  About the dogs, the people helping him, the equipment, and everything else involved.  His motives were not to only share his knowledge, but to learn himself.  When people explain and teach, they actually learn more about what they are talking about.  He loves to keep learning, especially about Husky related stuff.

The problem he found was that he is Dyslexic (has a learning disability).  This inhibit his writings. In creative the WooFDriver fashion, he came up with the idea to create songs as his writing outlet.  Music is another passion of Bills, though he is not in musically capable himself.  But for song writing proper grammar is not necessary.  This fit him perfectly!  He started making parodies of popular songs he liked.  In this way he could write the words, and not need to write the music.

He sought out help, and found many talented world class musicians to work with.  He is still going at it today.  His library of over 100 songs is still growing.  Each onei involves his Dog Lifestyle! So be prepared to see and hear stuff about Huskies you never saw before.  You will get a laugh and plenty of ideas for training, activities and how to make living with your Husky a Lifestyle.

There have been some super famous Huskies throughout history,  you will find them featured here as well.  Below are links to a plethora of websites Bill has created about training, adventuring and so much more.  Not only Huskies, but other Dogs as well!  As with rest of the WooFDriver Project, you’ll be floored with the abundant resources you will see here!

Website Portals (Directories)

CLICK For The Huskies.DOG Portal

Huskies.DOG is a Portal (Website Directory) for most of my Husky Websites. Please keep in mind these are actually websites that Bill “WooFDriver” Helman has created and there not from some web blogger or someone with none or limited knowledge of Huskies. Everything there has his name on it in some way or another, as he is the Husky EXPERT and RESOURCE for Huskies of the likes most have never seen before.

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CLICK For The LH2BH.com Portal

LH2BH actually is what they call in urban slang meaning Live Hardcore to be Hardcore. That is probably the perfect description for Bill WooFDriver Helman’s Life but he prefers using this LH2BH meaning Loving Huskies to be Happy as to not give others the wrong idea.  LH2BH is Bill’s Website Portal for some of his LESS TAME Websites….enter at your own risk, lol! This is all age appropriate just a bit more of the Bill “WooFDriver” Helman Hardcore side! This Website/Portal is password protected but instructions are on the home page how to gain access…

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